Learn About Your Voice

Voicework Benefits

  • Express yourself without feeling nerves or anxiety.
  • Speak without straining.
  • Feel balanced, grounded, centered, peaceful and self-empowered.
  • Discover your voice’s power and versatility.
  • Voicework is for everyone - actors, business professionals, and students of all ages.

Voicework is Perfect for Everyone


Find the versatility, power, range and connection you need to take on any role.

Learn an empowering physical and vocal warm-up to prepare you for all auditions and performances.

Business Professionals

Learn simple relaxation and breath techniques that will help you in all aspects of your work and life.

Release habitual tensions and feel more grounded and powerful when speaking and expressing your thoughts and ideas.


  • Become more present, relaxed and aware.
  • Learn to expand, empower and enjoy your voice.
  • Discover a simple warm-up that will help you feel healthy, vibrant and grounded each day.
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Online Lessons

Are you interested in taking a voice lesson with Heidi, but don’t live in Southern California?

No problem! Heidi now teaches lessons live online! She has taught voice work via online to students in Europe, Asia and around the United States.

Please contact her if you are interested in setting up a online voice lesson.

Podcast - Finding Your Voice with Heidi Scheller

Finding Your Voice with Heidi Scheller explores the realm of discovering, expanding, developing and freeing your speaking voice through essential voice training.

On the podcast she interviews talented actors, actresses and professionals she has worked with over the years to hear about what they have gained by working on their voices, and how their voice training benefits their personal and professional lives.

Trained in the classic Linklater technique, Heidi has been teaching students how to find their authentic voices since 1997. As a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, she has spent a lot of time seeing first hand how beneficial and profoundly effecting this kind of work can be for both actors and non-actors alike.

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