Appreciation & Endorsement

I miss our class so much, but am still feeling the positive effects from it.  I use my warmup CD all the time, in fact just before a recent big audition for a job that I booked!
Larisa Oleynik (Hawaii Five-O, Mad Men, Third Rock From The Sun)
Working with Heidi and learning to use the Linklater technique has been essential to my work.  She has taught me to effectively use my voice and to trust my instrument.  I would recommend her and this technique to all actors.
Charlene Amoia (How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Mad Love)
Class by class with the help of the Linklater Technique and the amazing teacher Heidi Scheller I learned how to be free again and how to live the moment. My energy changed, my voice is finally free, and feels real! With all I have lived, with my dreams and my passion and every day doing my warm up I discover new things about who I am and how to express myself. I have never had any teacher as loving and as helpful as Heidi--she changed my everyday life, and in my acting, I get access to my emotions in an easier way now thanks to the Linklater Technique. If you are looking for a huge change not only in your voice but in your whole being she is the teacher to study with. She is absolutely the best voice teacher ever!
Mónica Huarte (Feature films — Chiapas The Heart of Coffee, Without Men)
I first came to Heidi as a very shy and apprehensive acting student who was a bit skeptical of the Linklater approach to voice. Yet Heidi's incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and her warm and perceptive teaching style kept baiting to delve further into this revolutionary technique. Within a few months of dedicated practice to the work, I began to see very strong results from the technique. It was becoming second nature even in my day to day life. I began to notice incredible natural resonance in my voice's projection, a fluidity in my body, and a loss of excess muscle tension that had previously inhibited my ability to clearly communicate all the wonderful feeling and thoughts that I had strained and blocked within me. The Linklater work that Heidi has shown me, has without a doubt, become a fundamental aspect of my acting, and is a vital part of performing eloquently and clearly in front of audiences. Heidi is able to pinpoint areas of tension within the body with incredible accuracy, and then help the actor dispel them while facilitating the efficient use of that wonderful energy into the voice and the performance.
Fernando Aldaz (Winner of 3 LA Weekly awards for his theatre production of Kataki)
Working with Heidi has changed my life. She is more than a teacher and her teaching is more than a technique. I do not step foot onto the stage without having a private lesson with her, listening to her cd or at the very least doing her warm up. Heidi's teaching has helped me find vocal sounds and depth that I did not know I could reach, in a natural and gradual way without hurting my voice, but making it stronger instead. Heidi, thank you for this priceless gift!
Dorit Simone
Heidi, I am eternally grateful for your wisdom, expertise, and love that is infused in every single voice class that you conduct. Your technique changed the way I began to approach my work in theatre and on screen. You broadened my knowledge of self by helping me break down mental and physical barriers that I didn’t realize existed, which wasn't allowing for TRUE FREEDOM as an actress. I didn't realize how CRUCIAL my VOICE is to having an COMPLETE & POWERFUL performance. The voice projects the colors that an actor finds in the roles they play - the levels found in a role can be specifically illustrated through vocal range, projection, and tone. You've been instrumental in helping me bind fear, breathe properly, and tackle my roles with a new level of confidence through your vocal exercises and warmups. My review in the LA Times was a testiment to me applying your voice technique and pairing that with the other skills acquired at Stella Adler. I still desire to take your other classes to see how high I can fly in my work and I never go into a role without using my vocal warmups. I liken it to putting on my parachute before diving out onto the stage. Thank you forever.
Michele Richardson
I feel like the voice work I've done with Heidi is the cornerstone of the rest of my acting. I cannot go on an audition or do any work that I find of consequence without first doing a Linklater exercise. I love the grounded way I feel after I've done the long warmup. I even did a voice warm up with Heidi on the day of my wedding. I was exhausted and about as uncentered as I've ever been. After working with her that morning, my voice just came right into my body and I had a solid feeling that made my day even more wonderful than it already was. I cannot tell you how special and significant Heidi's voice work has been for me.
Kristin Bogart
Heidi Scheller is a brilliant acting teacher. She has a refreshingly different approach to preparing your body-mind-spirit for just about any performance. What was most stunning to me about my lessons with Heidi, was the emotional release that came with her breathwork-sound technique. Heidi has a touch of gold. She teaches by demonstration, touch and gives all that you can receive in a lesson. I recommend her to all of my acting clients and public speakers alike. I love Heidi's approach.
Talya Meldy
Heidi has been an invaluable Teacher and source of inspiration to me. She wants you to love your voice. Her sincere enthusiasm and insightful guidance gives you a wondrously simple way to free the voice so Actors can connect their heads to their hearts and listen. Then when the Actor speaks everyone will listen. Heidi has the great gift of making vocal expression fun and easy. Her warm up tapes are a must in every Actor's repertoire.
Arleen Braithwaite
I come from a ballet background, so vocal power and versatility was what I was lacking most in my acting. After taking three of Heidi's courses, using the Linklater technique, I found I was able to use my voice in ways I never thought possible. The training was invaluable and the doors it has opened for me, innumerable. I use Heidi's warmup CD before every show and audition I have.
Anne Wilson
Learning Kristin Linklaters work, has meant a tremendous transformation for me as an actor and in my personal day to day life. Insecurities and fear constantly limited me when using my voice. Heidi Scheller took me on a path and didn't only hand me the tools on how to free my voice, but she also made sure I own practical ways of maintaining the work for the rest of my life. Heidi Yudis’ method on teaching Linklater is active, clear, dynamic, passionate, thorough and fun. I benefit in many ways from being trained by Heidi in the Linklater work and strongly recommend her as a teacher to anyone.
Angélo Schuurmans
Heidi Scheller is an incredibly dedicated and amazing teacher. The Linklater technique that she teaches in class has moved me positively as I've discovered new things I could do with my voice that I never thought I could do before. She is genuinely concerned with every student’s vocal development, and her sunny disposition brings enthusiasm and life to learning the best, and also working your way to having versatility in your voice as an actor through all the work in class. Kudos To Heidi!
Filipe Vuli
I had a lot of previous vocal training before meeting Heidi. So I wasn't sure how her work would apply to me. I received one the greatest gifts: an ability to breathe and vocally express every significant moment in life. All of the traumas I held in my breath were released. She guided me through recovery without needing an explanation. It changed me as a person and let me access my craft as an actress. Heidi is outstanding.
Jacqueline Donley
Heidi's skill as a teacher does not end with her ability to clearly communicate a great wealth of knowledge about the Linklater vocal technique. Her real strength lies in her nurturing spirit and in the infectious passion and joy she finds in the work. She guides students through the vulnerable spaces of voice work with a gentle and supportive hand. She is, inherently, a teacher.
Pete Cross
Having grown up in a war torn country, Lebanon, I have, unconsciously, built up over many years several bad breathing, postural and stress related habits, and, with time, they have inhibited my breath, choked my voice, and limited my self expression and therefore my freedom. I knew that getting rid of them was a very difficult process, because they were so deeply rooted and so aggravating and inhibiting, but I also knew that I have reached a point in my life where I could absolutely no longer accept to remain a slave to my own limitations. I would catch myself forgetting to breath, certain ranges of my voice were not utilized at all, and, moreover, the limited range I was using, I was losing control over, and I would lose my voice very frequently. This was an impossible situation to continue to live in, as a person, but even more so as an artist who needs her voice and breath to be fully connected and accessible at all times. The voice training I did with you Heidi, and the one-on-one sessions which focused on my specific needs have turned my life around. They have truly changed my life. There is no other way to say it. This experience has been amazing. I have reconnected fully with my breath, and when and if I start to lose it I know how to get it back right away, at any moment of stress or anxiety. In fact my anxiety and irritability have subsided, and I am now able to access all the ranges of my voice in their full capacity. I cannot thank you enough Heidi.
Working with Heidi Scheller has been my real breakthrough as an actress, and everything I learned with her will stay forever in my body, voice, acting ability and most of all, my inner being. It's amazing how organized she works-always recording the work and providing you with a CD, but also, how she is able to build the Linklater specific stages into a whole unity that grows in you as you go along with the study. My voice sounds miraculous every time I listen to her CD's now, after I graduated from her classes, I have still relied on everything she's taught me for the rest of my career as an actress. I hope many students and actors will have the chance to work with her and understand how brilliant she is!
Diana Busuioc
The first word that comes to mind in describing Heidi Scheller's work and her impact on my personal and professional life is phenomenal. Her dedication and patience as a teacher is very refreshing. I have had a privilege of being in Heidi's Linklater voice class and it certainly changed my view on how voice works in relation to breath. Her way of teaching makes learning voice fun. Also the class will definitely give you a chance to let go and get relaxed in a safe environment. Linklater's method is an exhilarating way of using your voice on stage or in front of the camera. I personally have learned and earned an enormous amount by just practicing the method on a daily basis and Heidi is the best person by far to learn the method from.
Farzam Adrian Jam
I wanted to thank you for everything these past 7 months. I learned so much from your class. I have grown so much and just wanted to thank you for helping me become so much more relaxed and aware on stage. I can't wait to work with you again!! Thanks again for all your help! You're an amazing teacher!
Ally Thompson
Thanks Heidi for leading me to the main clue, for teaching me that there is no good actor without a good voice. If I have the breath, I have the character!!! It's about living and breathing!! That's the beauty of acting, that's the beauty of being taught by Heidi Scheller.
Aura Colin
I have wonderful memories and some good laughs from my first semester...some of the warm up exercises seemed a little silly at first, but they really did work, and by the end I was fully involved without giggling. It was something so new to me. I had only trained a little in singing, but never how to use my "everyday" and stage voice properly until your classes. I learned a lot about my voice, how to project and how to use it correctly. Your positive attitude, patience, knowledge and passion for teaching made those classes so enjoyable. I also loved being able to "check in" before each session. It not only helped me in your class, but throughout my day. You truly care about your students and want to see us learn and succeed! Thank you for choosing to teach such an important aspect of acting that sometimes gets overlooked. Our voice is a tool and must be cared for and maintained in a healthy way. I miss you!
Stephanie Seaholm
HEIDI IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER! After taking Heidi’s class for 2 years, I really know how my voice works, and how my emotion works with my voice. And I finally know myself more deeply through Heidi’s teaching. Her way of teaching is so organized, logical and MAGICAL. Heidi’s exercises digs not only into my voice but also into my emotions. And I finally understand how to connect voice and emotion. I also understand how to focus on and release my breath. For me, Heidi’s breathing exercises are so much better than any Yoga class! Heidi also gets to know your habits so quickly. She told me I have a tendency to use my jaw muscle more than other students because I’m Japanese. In speaking Japanese, I use my jaw muscle a lot. Heidi is the best voice teacher ever in my life. I mean it!!!
Kayako Takatsuna
Before I studied with Heidi Scheller, I knew how I could play my voice, but after I've been studying with her, I have begun to learn how my voice can play me.
Halldór Sigurgeirsson

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