In private work with students, Heidi works on a variety of things according to her students needs.

  • Coaching and preparing audition materials and monologues
  • Graduate school audition preparation
  • Preparation for professional speaking engagements and meetings
  • Basic and Advanced Voice Training
  • Release deeply ingrained physical and emotional tensions to free your breath

If you are interested in talking to Heidi about this work, her classes or setting up a private lesson, please contact her and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have. While this work is often taught to actors and performers, it is relevant and appropriate for anyone who has the desire to expand, develop and free their voice.

Online Lessons

Are you interested in taking a voice lesson with Heidi, but don’t live in Southern California?

No problem! Heidi now teaches lessons live online! She has taught voice work via online to students in Europe, Asia and around the United States.

Please contact her if you are interested in setting up a online voice lesson.

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Heidi Talks about the Voice

Part 1

Part 2

The above was an interview for Chorus and Verse.

Heidi is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher based in the Los Angeles area. She was certified in 1998 by master teacher Kristin Linklater, writer of the acclaimed book Freeing The Natural Voice.

This voice work has helped thousands of people to develop, expand, and free their voices, to increase vocal power, clarity, and range and to express themselves with truth and emotional connection.

It is our birthright to have a free, natural, expressive, dynamic voice--it is through our life conditioning that we lose touch with what we were born with in the beginning. We develop survivalistic habits starting in childhood that cause us to reroute our emotional impulses into physical tension which ultimately effects our breath and the way we speak and express ourselves through our voices. The Linklater voice work teaches a way to release these physical tensions, to clear away the blocks that are getting in the way of having a free voice.

Voicework is Perfect for Everyone


Find the versatility, power, range and connection you need to take on any role.

Learn an empowering physical and vocal warm-up to prepare you for all auditions and performances.

Business Professionals

Learn simple relaxation and breath techniques that will help you in all aspects of your work and life.

Release habitual tensions and feel more grounded and powerful when speaking and expressing your thoughts and ideas.


  • Become more present, relaxed and aware.
  • Learn to expand, empower and enjoy your voice.
  • Discover a simple warm-up that will help you feel healthy, vibrant and grounded each day.
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